Marketing & sales center for your creator business

Tap into the power of SMS to unlock true potential from your audience. Designed specifically for creators to grow & monetize your audience.

Cut through the noise with SMS

Your message is drowning in overflowing email inboxes and endless social media feeds. Text messaging is better way to connect directly with your audience.

Grow your list

Stop relying on social media algorithms that can change overnight. Take back control on a channel that you own with tools to grow your audience both online and in-person.


Your audience can join your list by simply sending a text message to a 5-digit shortcode number. Collect names, emails, zip code and custom data in addition to phone numbers.

QR Codes

Make it easy for your audience to instantly join your list at in-person events. Generate unique QR codes for an easy scan-to-subscribe experience.

Online Forms

Convert your website visitors to text subscribers with with embedded online forms. Start a "mobile funnel" or text message drip campaign to engage with your new subscribers automatically.

Connect with your audience

With a 98%+ open rate - 3x the open rates of email - text messages are the ultimate channel to engage with your audience.

Send bulk text campaigns

Reach a large audience instantly with broadcast text messages at scale. Send messages to your entire list or segment your audience for more targeted messaging.

Fast delivery

Other text marketing services can take hours to deliver messages to larger lists. Our high-volume numbers ensure your message arrives on your contacts phone when you intended.

1-to-1 conversations

Receive and respond to inbound text messages from your audience. Engage with your VIPs and have one-to-one text conversations without giving out your personal number.

Put your marketing on autopilot

Our Message Flow builder does more than just send text message autoresponders. Capture information by text to automatically tag & organize your audience. Send personalized, targeted messages based upon subscriber profiles.

Powerful automation system

Build powerful message flows to automatically send the right message at the right time. Build out automations that trigger in response to subscriber actions.

Surveys by text message

Collect data directly from your audience using text messages. Capture names, emails, zip code & custom fields data. Sync captured email addresses to your CRM or email marketing platform.

Segmentation made easy

Create deeply segmented and personalized campaigns at scale using our robust menu of filters and tags. Automatically send your audience messages that are relevant to them.

Sell your products

Everything you need to sell digital products & physical goods both online and using text messages. Sell audiobooks, e-books, memberships, event tickets, online courses and much, much more.

Digital product delivery

You upload the assets for your digital products - we'll handle the hosting and post-purchase delivery. Choose to deliver your products by email, text or both.

Product landing pages

Create & customize landing pages for each of your products with a few simple clicks - checkout included. Drive traffic to your products using powerful text marketing tools.

Robust pricing options

Set up one-time purchases, recurring subscriptions, or give your audience the option to pay what they want. Accept donations so your audience can support you even if you're not selling a product.

All-in-one platform

From selling, delivering, marketing, to reporting, AudienceTap is a one-stop platform with all you need to grow your audience and sell your products.

Text Surveys

Collect names, emails, zip codes and custom data all from text messages. Sync captured data to your CRM.

Custom Fields

Build customized subscriber profiles by adding multiple choice, text, & number fields to online forms & text surveys.

Online Forms

Add a signup forms directly to your website or let us host it. Fully customize questions, fields & data collected.

Text Keywords

Use keywords to grow your list and start automated text surveys. Your audience just sends a text to start.

SMS Based Courses

Create and sell courses that are delivered by text message. Ensure your content isn't lost in the email inbox.

QR Codes

Perfect for in-person events or physical stores - QR codes are a convenient way for your audience to engage.

Broadcast Campaigns

Send targeted text messages to your audience at scale. Cut through the noise and ensure your message is seen.

Subscriber Segmentation

Sort your audience by their profile and interactions. Send targeted messages to those most likely to engage.

Trackable Links

Use trackable website links to know exactly who clicked. Automatically add tags and trigger automations.

SMS Drip Campaigns

Send perfectly timed, automated text messages to your audience. Create a course delivered by text messages.

2-Way Texting

Communicate with your most engaged subscribers with direct, 1-to-1 text conversations.

SMS Autoresponders

Automatically send text responses with website links or product offers when your audience texts a keyword.


The most convenient shopping experience. Orders are placed using text messages - no clicks or carts required.

Shoppable Product Pages

Quickly create a single page ecommerce store featuring one or more products with an attached checkout.

SMS Inbox

See all the text messages that your subscribers send & receive. Send direct text messages to individuals.

MMS Picuture Texts

Add images & gifs to your text message campaigns to capture the attention of your subscribers.